Age 30
Nationality Bulgaria
Orientation Staright
Bust 36C
Body type Busty
Hair Color Brown
Eyes Color Brown
Availability £120 Incall / £150 Outcall
About Angel Ella

Known for her take in being serious to playful within mere moments, Ella is the type of escort who has mastered the art of subtle temptations, matched with the flirty antics of seductive women who have driven men to their knees in the past. A sensual girl, the 30 year old Ella is a class of her own, having mastered the rudiments of being the perfect date to formal occasions, business functions, candid affairs and other social gatherings and celebrations.

With a varied array of interests and hobbies, she has no problems keeping conversations and discussions in such gatherings upbeat, with her witty antics and lighthearted and healthy sense of humor taking center stage. Her eyes have often led many to think of her as a delicate flower, but this physical trait is simply part of the beauty of Ella, who is actually a wild temptress deep inside. As she is your perfect date, she also is your perfect companion, a gorgeous lady who knows how to pleasure your senses and excite your tastes when you and her are within the bounds of intimacy. Playful when she wants to be, this escort can pretty much be anything you want her to be, though as smart and as experienced as she is, you wouldn’t have to tell her how you want her to be. She would simply just know.

Breathtakingly gorgeous, seductively fun and altogether playful, a date with Ella is certainly a wonderful thing, and to end it with her by your side as you head down your hotel room is the stuff that memorable and exiting experiences are made of.